We do wire & cable harnesses. The electrical kind.

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box builds

We do box builds. The mechanical & electrical kinds.

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We do printed circuit boards (thru-hole & surface mount).

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We do mechanical assemblies. No ship building, but everything else is fair game.

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Turnkey products. No more work required.

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raw & ready

Lead-time reduction. Get it, faster.

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About us

We do whatever it takes to keep you going. Located centrally on the east coast in the hardworking, rural county of Hanover, Virginia. Our reputation has been built from adapting to our customers needs, and keeping them profitable.

Meet us

Take their word for it...

“These guys are an extension of our factory and give us enormous capacity.  They take out the concern of finding, hiring, training, managing and keeping new hires busy.  We can flex up and down in production, and our costs go right in step.”

“Flexibility is at the core of why our company has been a customer of EMSCO for over 10 years.  They do whatever it takes.”

“They are true to their word.  They help us attune our supplies with our production volume.  With their timely supplying of our assemblies, they make me feel like Honda plant, instead of how we used to feel — an inventory storing facility with a little manufacturing ability.”

“The Kanban system has been working marvelous for us.  I email you, and a couple of days later the assemblies are on our dock.”