The EMSCO company was founded in 2001 in Ken’s garage, and has been making tangible things  for the public ever since — things like electrical wire & multi-conductor cable harnesses, circuit board assemblies, electronic & mechanical box builds.  Located in Ashland, Virginia, EMSCO employs under 1,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for equipment manufacturers.

People say we are “different.” 

And based on our customers’ stories about other suppliers, we hope we are.  Different in that we are committed to our commitments, take ownership of good and bad, are flexible when you need it and make working with us easy.   You see, our customers gave us our slogans.  They tell us, “You…”  keep us out of trouble.  are flexible.  do whatever it takes.  saved our xxx.  do what you say.  make it easy.  We are not original or creative with words, we just re-used theirs.


We do whatever it takes to keep you going. 

Whether it stems from our military sense of responsibility or the rural county roots of Hanover, Virginia, our reputation has been built from being there for them in a pinch and preventing pinches.  Quick.  Flexible.  Committed to our commitments.  Add it all up, we bring them more profit per machine.  We do this by freeing them from the normal pains of manufacturing:  too few of the right people, too little of the right inventory, too few suppliers who do what they promise, too many idle machines, too big of loans and too many customer deadlines passed.  We have been welcoming our customers to the world of flexibility for years.

We do what we say so that you can do what you do.  

We can only be an extension of your manufacturing ability if you can depend on us being there.  So if you are leery, order just a little from us.  Or talk to any of our current customers.  Or visit us any time.  And when you do, you will meet the people who make your tangible things.  And when you come back years later, you will meet the same people (and some as managers).  Our low turnover has formed strong camaraderie, deep understanding of the customer and their products, trust that if you do your job better you won’t “lean” yourself out of a job, and belief that we are building something bigger together.  Come take a look sometime.  You will see why our customers come back year after year.

We dare you to compare us.  

Okay, so maybe dare is a little extreme.  Do though.  Go order from us, even if small, and compare the costs.  Whether it is comparing it to doing it yourself or to your already out-sourced purchases, see where we are.  If doing it yourself, add in your machines, maintenance, electricity, extra building space, parts purchasing, kitting, hiring, training, benefits, and more.  If already outsourced, compare it to our smaller lot sizes, quicker inventory turns, no customs hold-ups, flexible cash-flow options, no up-front wire transfers (fees and time value of money), lower freight cost,  less management involvement, lower risk with revision changes, and the list goes on.  And those are just the measurable ones.  Try to quantify the cost of calling up a customer to tell them their order will be delayed because your supplier broke his promise.

We make it easy.  

From design work to production volumes, we make ordering and working with us simple and headache-free.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

Only our commitments.




Made in America.  Made in Virginia.