We build and we deliver.  And if needed, we design too.  In some ways it is remarkably simple.


Our customers have differing needs.  So we give them the flexibility to chose for themselves:  order bulk, order JAYNI (just after you need it), don’t order at all (EMSCO managed), order bulk split into releases (blanket orders), just wires/ just printed circuit boards or both, mechanical or electrical box builds or both, ship it to them ready to go (EMSCO ready), or keep the raw materials on hand (EMSCO raw).

Some would consider us a contract manufacturer.  Yet we don’t manufacture contracts, we manufacture flexibility.

EMSCO built.  Just ask our customers what that means to them.

  • wires
  • boards
  • widgets (mechanical assembly)
  • box builds
  • e-z (turn-key assemblies)
  • lead time reduction 
    • raw (we stock your raw materials)
    • ready (we have your assemblies ready to ship)
    • managed (EMSCO managed inventory at your facility*)
  • design (mechanical, electronic, electrical and design-for-manufacturability)



Made in America.  Built in Virginia.