Contract manufacturing, done flexibly.  

We see frustration in the eyes of many companies who are trying to grow.  They are usually in one of two camps:  constrained by their do-it-yourself mentality or struggling with their suppliers.

  • The DIYs are restrained by the lack of time, funds, space and trained operators.
  • The outsourcers are bombarded with assemblies not arriving on-time.  And when they do arrive, there many times are quality issues which the supplier gives them the run-around on.

To our customers, we deliver more than just tangible objects.  We deliver reliability.  We deliver flexibility.   We deliver piece of mind.  And by doing so, we deliver profitability.

We hear the stories from new customers about being allured by unit cost.  As many managers know, unit cost is important.  And if you listen to their stories, so are distribution costs, lead-time or more aptly worded “lag-time”, minimum buys, counting inventory, paying for inventory before you need it, obsolescence costs, quality issues, broken promises, production line shut-downs, and bypassed delivery dates to their customers.

        EMSCO built.  Ask our customers what that means to them.



Made in Virginia.   Made in America.